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Jacob discusses MEAP results on "The Craig Fahle Show"

Feb 16, 2012
WDET talk show host Craig Fahle interviewed Ford School professor of education policy Brian A. Jacob about the recent Michigan Education Assessment Program results and their implications for Michigan.Higher standards for the MEAP this year resulted...

"Bush Signs Loan Package For Troubled Automakers"

Oct 1, 2008
President Bush signed into law Tuesday a mammoth spending bill to keep the government running until early March 2009. The measure includes a $25 billion loan package for troubled automakers. Marina Whitman, professor of business administration and...
Causal Inference in Education Research Seminar (CIERS)

School Discipline and the New Orleans School Reforms

Jul 26, 2017, 11:30 am-1:00 pm EDT
Weill Hall, Room 3240
The objective of the Causal Inference in Education Research Seminar (CIERS) is to engage students and faculty from across the university in conversations around education research using various research methodologies.
Ford School