Prisoner's Dilemma

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Axelrod awarded 2022 Boris Mints Institute Prize

Feb 10, 2023
Ford School emeritus professor Robert Axelrod was awarded the 2022 Boris Mints Institute (BMI) Prize. In its citation, the Institute noted his ground-breaking work in applying game theory to conflict resolution.  “In his research, which employed...
In the Media

Axelrod discusses strategy, real-world implications of game theory

Oct 4, 2021 Freakonomics podcast
Robert Axelrod, William D. Hamilton Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, recently broke down game theory strategy on the People I (Mostly) Admire podcast with Freakonomics author Steven Levitt. He explains how game theory and the prisoner's...

Axelrod highlighted in Vox on Republican Benghazi dilemma

May 13, 2014
Ford School Professor Robert Axelrod's research was cited by Zack Beauchamp in the May 12 Vox article, "Benghazi is a prisoner's dilemma, and the Republicans are the prisoners." Beauchamp argues that the newly formed House Republicans' special...