Bankole Thompson talks student activism with Rev. Jesse Jackson

November 11, 2016 0:04:58
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Bankole Thompson and Rev. Jesse Jackson discuss student activism through the years and how it has impacted the civil rights movement. November, 2016.


Well Reverend Jackson thank you so
much for the opportunity to talk to you

now he's a how important or what role
do you see that students can play

in creating change social change one thing
students have today it didn't happen 2

years ago was the right to vote we put the
big prize for the right to vote after all

the 2 of them for the 6 years
average Americans could not vote and

longer that a woman could vote the 23rd
of the members and 1920 to 24.

And so this is one that was not on
the level that maybe demonstrations and.

Agitation and the other case and

legislation read 1st all that matters but
the votes a big deal looking back.

What how crucial was it for students to
lead activism back in the fifty's and

sixty's students basically came
saw them they had to drive

through legal apartheid
the legal segregation.

And for that price from going turned
into Jews and blacks were killed for

the price of the loot so
in a town American mother mother from

Michigan was killed we paid a bloody
price in the legal pot that because.

Of those so
it sort of vested in keeping us apart and

I found that the people advancing keep
this squad has to exploit our part in this

if you plan to seize on
the ground of equal strength

with a wall between them want to grow tall
of multiples of fruit want to be stunted

does not mean this one is better this
one is less I mean the one that had

photosynthesis some sunshine room but
worse than

that when we were separated by a wall on
the other side of all this ignorance.

Hatred violence but when the wall
comes out you see each other a new

on the football field and the game is over
to be shaken out is that we have to brace

what allows us to do so
well on the field relations and

talents because when they have the plan
fuel is even and the rules are public and

the goal to clear the referees of fairness
was transparent we all can get along with

those that you love him all the Olympics
even playing pool is a big deal so

one generation fought in segregation
as a matter of law motivation for

for the right to vote so now fighting to
reduce student loan debt soon on debt

ridden credit card debt it cost too
much to go to school means to the best

minds can even apply to 10 souse must
fight to make sure the Voting Rights Act

remains in force and protect remnant of
the Rights Act is in jeopardy because they

removed the protected right to vote
they're trying to move the vote up or

campuses in North Carolina
cannot that happen and so

voting madness affordable
health care system fight for

that fight right and then all of us it's
not enough to come in investment and

live in your silo with you learn to
live in the real world universe of

misery became almost the poster child
around the country for diversity higher ed

How important is it what do you think is a
little biased on the football field right

now in the classroom not in the faculty
not until your professors and

the football team said they would not
play football unless it was addressed

it was in the form of that
economic engine and P.R.

a magnet called football that's to capture
the nation's attention thank you so much

I've been you know this isn't the show
I would think that not the kinda fun us

are enjoying this moment he would urge us
in the class from watching this is taping.

Going to class people to not help
I'm going to get a room mate.

No one you know even your silo.

And then the thought feeling they have
that can the you know they just group for

you as they pop into us
with joy in the universe

universe a toss universe a community if
you can of the universe miss you and.

can cope with a challenging world if you

just learn how to survive in your silo
you live beneath your privilege so

I'm going to live share and
grow together Thank you Reverend.

Wright The Reverend Jesse Jackson
found the president of

the Rainbow Push Coalition America's
premier civil rights leader and

bankroll a Thompson.