5 Ways to Prepare for Success in the Internship/Job Search

December 10, 2018 0:01:43
Kaltura Video

Whether you're getting ready to take on the job or internship search process, these 5 tips will help you prepare confidently and strategically.


Before you get it documents and other
materials the 1st step is to commit time

to your job search we realize you are very
busy schedules but set it aside 15 to 20

minutes a week can really make a big
difference there are 5 tangible steps

to complete as you prepare for your job
search that's when I think your resume and

Linked In profile I mean these updated
with your most recent academic and

professional experiences will make you
prepared for an informational interview

I did networking event or to apply
to a job at a moment's notice and or

to get organized take time to create
a process to ultimately reduce the stress

about the job search process with
an Excel sheet to keep track of dates and

application requirements that filters
on 4th careers for job loss and

compile a list of organizations
you consider working that

simplify your search I said once approach
Number 3 Prepare your success stories for

and professional background that you're

actually proud of draft those stories
by articulating the situation you're in

the action you take and the results
that show your impact them before

we find your writing sample review recent
academic and professional papers and memos

and choose one that you are confident
in sharing a part of an application and

a 5 finalize your list of references
reach out to professors supervisors and

other individuals that you'd like to
add as references and when they confirm

compile a list of at least 3 of references
with their contact information so

you're ready to go as soon as an employer
requests information and remember you can

always come see is that the G.C.'s office
with all your questions and concerns.