Hira Mumtaz: Policy Pitch Competition

September 12, 2018 0:03:52
Kaltura Video

Hira Mumtaz (MPP '19 Fulbright Scholar) talks about her use of economic analysis to help stakeholders at World Bank and how global policymakers can fight energy challenges.


Good evening everyone my name is Hira and

I'm an international student from back
a stand before coming to the 4th school

I was involved through intergovernmental
work with international development

organizations in Pakistan implementing
energy policy in various forms

it was during my time there that I
realized that not enough was being done

in creating a larger global impact and
I saw potential for

improvement I questioned see
international development organizations

in how they decided which countries would
you would receive policy interventions and

why how do I look at resources through
these policy interventions where

these resources come from and
most importantly how global

policy made us think about fighting
the energy challenges that we

all face today through
my past experiences and

the learning that I was able to gain to my
courses at the ford school I soon realized

that my questions would be answered
to learning from the World Bank and

that is why I decided to at the World Bank
headquarters in Washington D.C.

this summer within the climate
change division the World Bank

as some of you may know is the leading
international development organization

that works towards eliminating
power to in all its forms

while I knew what to expect
somewhat from my time at the bank

I was utterly surprised by
the diversity pluralism and

equality that I experienced in all
my interaction that the World Bank.

Every person that I met was from
a different part of the world and

even though we had differences in our
cultural and professional backgrounds it

was exciting to see how we used all those
unique perspectives to come together and

work towards a common goal that of
achieving that of fighting climate change

during my time there I was mostly
involved in 3 tasks Firstly

integrating the 2050 Paris agreement
into World Bank operations Secondly

composing a guidance note on energy
sector climate adaptation and

thirdly and what was probably
the highlight of my work over there

evaluating different tools of
climate finance using cash flow and

economic models to see what the impact
of that will be on the cost of

electricity and then using that analysis
into helping decision makers and

stakeholders within as well
as outside the World Bank to

decide how to EFF efficiently
allocate resources to climate finance

and there were many things that I learned
during my time there at the World Bank

especially how crucial
climate change is within

the overall energy realm especially and

I decided to bring that inspiration with
me to school I am now taking a course on

climate change convention and

what the impact of that will be
on policy around the world and

I also plan to actively get involved and
climate blue which is a society dedicated

to creating awareness about
climate change and I sincerely

hope to contribute more towards this
newly found passion of mine thank you.