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November 26, 2018 0:05:40
Kaltura Video

We wish to thank everyone who supported the Victors for Michigan campaign. This video is a vignette of the results of your support.


There are basically 3 important
ingredients leads to some success

in public service number one you
have to have a reputation for

total integrity were 2nd lay you
have to have a reputation for

hard work and the last the and it's very
important you have to have a capability

of getting good people to work
with you we can then the late

good people to serve in government I think
that's a great tribute to the school.

When I came here my job interview was so

impressed with how engaged the students
are they were engaged in the classroom

they're engaging the community
they're gauging the policy process and

it just energizes me to work with students
who want to go into the world and

make a positive difference I remember
coming to spring preview weekend after I

got accepted into Ford and just feeling so
excited because I had this feeling

of these are my people and this is where
I belong and this is the right fit for

me right now in the world of public policy
especially here in the United States

is messy and it's volatile and
we need leaders who not only understand

quantitative measures of policy but
who can communicate those ideas well and

the 4th school is a place where
you can learn to do those things

which in the public service sector it
is easier to achieve it when tackling.

Difficult public policy issues being part
of a cohort that's very supportive and

very inspiring helps me push on forward
and continue my dream that we do feel

like a community the students are really
engaged want to make the world a better

place our faculty are engaged in some
really interesting research and the staff

to help both the students and faculty make
their dreams come to the point school

submission is helping improve people's
lives and we do that by teaching.

Students a tool kit that is really
versatile and really powerful and so

it gives to the Fords will
enable young people to have

the skills to go out in the world and make
a difference seeing so many alumni and

fans of the school get excited about
helping students to be able to earn

their degrees was just wonderful and
really special part of the campaign.

You know I'm investing in future leaders
who are dedicated to him have the ability

to solve some of our world.

Has been really instrumental in the sense
as a state legislator I am currently

a scholar at Peking University in
Beijing China but while I was still at

the University of Michigan I co-founded
an organization called us and Jim could X.

guest allowed to host a conference this
fall which brought Bill Crystal and

Neera Tanden to the 4 schools campus and
we are excited to keep growing

with the help and support of the for
the wiser Family Fund has given for

school students chances to get
overseas an experience international

policy practice 1st hand through
internships through overseas courses and

other experiences that helped launch them
into careers in international affairs

the gifts that are given to
the Fords hole to help support and

learning go a long way to help us do some
really incredible things I think for

a lot of people they wouldn't be here
without them the rigor fellowship

let me go to Washington D.C.
for the 1st time and work for

something I didn't think I was going to
be able to do and help me to navigate my

way into a space where I've been wanting
to work for a long time turns out I'm very

passionate about it's really important to
me to have a life of public service and

to specifically support community so
receiving the Gerald R.

Ford fellowship has allowed me to really
maximize my academic experience here

I've been really lucky to not
have to worry about finances and

so I've been able to devote all of my
energy and attention to classes and

really get the most intellects.

Really out of my experience here so there
have been a fellowship I was able to deal

summer internship with the city Detroit's
planning and development department and

my work with the planning department
did a lot of outreach and

engagement with residents who are working
to create change in their neighborhood and

drives it to disinvest I really
hope to take the skills and

experiences that I've learned
here before at school to

work with disadvantaged communities to
make sure that they have equal access to

opportunity the experiences that I gained
through the fellowship program will

stay with me throughout my career and
I'm very grateful for having had those

opportunities the new wiser diplomacy
center is going to position you M.

to be the place in the central
United States to study diplomacy and

one of the leading centers for the study
and practice of diplomacy in the country.

Campaign to finish huge success for
the entire point for

me and it's enabled us to help our
students with fellowships internships

which expanded our
program that it got into

it too deep into our faculties ability
to engage in cutting edge research and

it's made us able to have a much bigger
impact in the world it's also setting

the stage for incredible growth and
opportunity for the forsworn here strong

working with our donors to really
bring a real privilege and certainty.

To been so successful and then there's
another working with us to make the world

better place i'm just do you really
want to thank you for your support