What's your plan for voting on November 6th?

October 30, 2018 0:01:13
Kaltura Video

Ford School students talk about their voting plans on November 6th. What are your plans?


What's up everyone from South Florida and
I'm still registered to vote there so

I submitted my absentee
ballot earlier this week.

I'm Emily. I'm a dual MPA/MPP student 
in my third year and I planned to go

to my voting station 
hopefully in the morning.

Hi! My name is Kevin and I plan on 
voting in person next week bright and early.

Hi! My name is Ally, and I'm a second
year masters student at the Ford School.

I'm going to be voting on 5th street
at my local bowling place. And I'm

probably going to go first thing in the
morning to make sure I have time to do it.

Hi, my name is Rachel Suarez! I'm a second
year at Ford, and I am voting absentee 

because I will be in Toronto.
Hi, I'm Ben Ikey and my plan

for voting this election is to
drive a little less than an hour back 

up north to my hometown, get there in 
the morning and then get back down here

in time for class.