Introducing: Sequences

August 3, 2020 0:02:04
Kaltura Video

There are two different sections of Statistics for the Fall and Quantitative Methods of Program Evaluation in the Winter that graduate students can take. The standard sequence is designed for consumers of statistics and the augmented sequences is more toward producers.


>> Jon Hanson: Hello I'm John Hanson.

>> Catie Hausman: Hi my
name is Katie Hausman.

>> Yusuf Neggers: Hi everyone,
my name is Yusuf Neggers.

>> Jon Hanson: Starting this fall we have
a great new initiative to improve our

already strong quantitative
analysis training.


>> Catie Hausman: The difference between
the two is what is your end goal.

>> Yusuf Neggers: You can think of
the standard version of the sequence

being more oriented towards people
interested in analyzing and

thinking critically about
the work of others.

>> Jon Hanson: Students who are interested
in using data in their careers

in a more interpretive way.

>> Yusuf Neggers: Whereas the more
augmented sequences move to slightly

faster clip and

better place students to use these methods
themselves in their own work and research.

>> Jon Hanson: If your aspirations
are to be a person who produces

data analysis during your lifetime
than the augmented sequence for you.

>> Catie Hausman: Is the difference
between these two classes

about loving math or being good at math?

>> Catie Hausman: Not at all!

>> Jon Hanson: It's really
about your career goals and

how you see using data in the workplace.

>> Catie Hausman: Both
classes are rigorous and

both classes will provide support tools
if you've been out of math for a while.


>> Yusuf Neggers: So I and the other
professors are going to be excited to have

you in our courses regardless
of which version you choose.

>> Catie Hausman: Welcome to the Ford
School I look forward to meeting you and

seeing you for Statistics and also for

some of the other awesome
classes that I teach.

>> Jon Hanson: We have such a great
group of incoming master students and

I just can't wait to get you all here
on campus and start learning stats.