Paula Lantz: Using RStudio and Data Analytics for Public Policy and Decision Making

December 2, 2022 0:00:50
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James B. Hoodak Professor of Health Policy, Paula Lantz, and Assistant Professor of Information, Chris Brooks from the University of Michigan share a preview of their new online course, "Data Analytics in the Public Sector with R." 

Every government entity collects and stores millions of data points to perform administrative and legislative duties, allocate resources, and make decisions. The R programming language can help administrators and policymakers interpret the meaning behind this data.

Throughout this four-course series, learners gain technical skills to gather and interpret public data that are grounded in the fundamentals of public administration, public policy analysis, and data ethics. They will develop new skills in data visualization using the R programming language and explore common ethical challenges associated with data, data analytics, and randomized controlled trials in the public sector. They will also navigate and understand ethical issues related to data systems and data analysis by understanding frameworks, codes of ethics, and professional guidelines.

“I am really excited about this joint venture between the Ford School and the School of Information that will reach learners from around the world and emphasizes the roles of both data analytics and values in the functions of public administration and the policymaking process,” Lantz said.

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