Series: Admissions

Welcome to the Ford School!

August 31, 2022 0:02:26
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Welcome! Hear from Ford School Dean Celeste Watkins-Hayes, Associate Dean John Ciorciari, and Associate Dean H. Luke Shaefer about what our community is looking forward to this academic year.


Welcome to the new
academic year.

I am Celeste Watkins-Hayes,

Interim Dean of the Ford
School of Public Policy.

And this year, I invite you
to write your story—to use

the resources and
opportunities that

the Ford School has to offer
to pursue your passions,

to learn new things,

to start new conversations,

and to think about how

you can contribute
to the public good.

You all came to the Ford
School because you care

about making a positive
social difference.

And we're excited to
engage with you on that.

One way we're going to do it is

through an initiative
called food for thought.

When we come together
about once a month as

a community and talk about
pressing issues of the day.

Can't wait to see you there.

I'm excited for our students
in their classes than

the incredible skills
that they're going to

build and take with them
throughout their careers.

And I'm excited about
how community days

they're going to bring us all

together in the building for

conversation and dialogue
with one another.

We're so excited to have you
here. Let's get to work.


Summer's over. I'm really

looking forward to
having you in my class.

There's a whole big university

out here so make
sure you explore it.

Welcome to the new school year.

Excited to meet you in class.

Welcome and welcome
back! Ford BAs,

looking forward to
seeing you at Weill Hall.

See you soon in
the Writing Center.

Hey Jon Hanson here.

Welcome to the Ford School.

I'm looking forward
to a great year.

Hi everyone.

Welcome to the Ford School.

Really looking forward to
seeing you around Weill Hall!

Be sure to check out
the Students of Color

in Public Policy
at the Ford School.

Welcome everyone. We're so
excited to have you here.

Go Blue! Go Blue! Go Blue!

Hey, Go Blue! Go Blue!

Go Blue! Go Blue! Go Blue!