Celebrate Worldwide Ford School Spirit Day 2023

June 28, 2023 0:01:56
Kaltura Video

Let’s connect as a community—one dedicated to the public good - to celebrate our #FordSpirit at the 13th annual Worldwide Ford School Spirit Day! 


Hi! Hello Fordies.

Hello to

all Ford School alumni. Hi all,

Jackson Voss here.

I graduated from
the Ford School of

Public Policy in 2018.

Hi, I'm Janani Ramachandran Yates

MPP class of 2013.

I want to invite
you to Worldwide

Ford School Spirit
Day in Detroit.

I'd love to invite you to

the Ford School
Spirit Day in Petoskey.

Hello, my name is

Rohan Dharan and I graduated from the
Ford School ten years ago

in 2013.

My name is Cortney Sanders,

I am an MPP class of 2017.

I'm super excited to

host Spirit Day here
in Washington DC.

I hope to see everybody at

the Washington DC Ford
School Spirit Day

on July 13th at Audi Field.

This is Morteza Nazari, MPP 2015.

And I'm very excited to

say that this is the
first time that we're

going to celebrate Ford
Spirit Day here in Toronto.

We'll have people
everywhere from New York,

San Francisco, to Washington,

DC, Chicago, Ann Arbor

Of course. I'm really excited
to see you on Thursday,

July 13th, at 4 PM at

Weill Hall to celebrate
Ford School Spirit Day.

Excited to see y'all at
Ford School Spirit Day

this year. I'll be joining

virtually from here in
Lafayette, Louisiana.

I hope that you'll be
able to join us and

look forward to seeing
you then. Go Blue.

I'm so excited to see you there.

Go Blue.