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AI in society: A cautionary tale

Nov 29, 2023 0:05:23

Experts working in artificial intelligence, from technological to public policy roles, discuss this turning point in AI and what it means for the future

Kyra Harris Bolden: Justice across generations

Nov 13, 2023 1:31:29

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Kyra Harris Bolden discusses her journey to the Michigan Supreme Court and the intersection of race and the law in the past and present. November, 2023.

CLOSUP Mayors Forum

Nov 13, 2023 1:00:06

The 2023 Mayors Forum will focus on topics particular to Big Ten college cities including development of infrastructure that promotes social cohesion, challenges and opportunities of creating an infrastructure for urban technology, and campus and

Lourdes Rivera: Pregnancy Justice

Nov 8, 2023 1:20:33

Pregnancy Justice president Lourdes Rivera delivers the 2023 Omenn-Darling Health Policy keynote address alongside Professor Paula Lantz on the landscape of reproductive rights in the U.S., both legally and through a racial and social justice lens

Bill de Blasio: Are smart cities smart enough?

Oct 30, 2023 1:18:39

Former New York City mayor Bill de Blasio explores how urban tech is shaping social policy in “smart cities” like New York and beyond, how we can ensure that emerging technology serves the public interest, and what role local, state, national, and

Luke Shaefer: The Injustice of Place

Oct 4, 2023 1:10:15

The co-authors of The Injustice of Place alongside Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan COO Nicole Sherard-Freeman talk about their book and poverty in the U.S.

Ambassador's forum panel

Sep 25, 2023 1:27:49

The Weiser Diplomacy Center and the American Academy of Diplomacy will co-host a discussion with four former senior diplomats with deep experience in Latin America to explore opportunities and challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Gina M. Raimondo: U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Sep 22, 2023 0:49:45

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo will reflect on economic growth, innovation, and American competitiveness in conversation with Professor Betsey Stevenson. September, 2023.

Welcome to the Ford School!

Sep 5, 2023 0:02:30

Welcome! Hear from Ford School Dean Celeste Watkins-Hayes, Associate Dean Jeff Morenoff, and Associate Dean Jenna Bednar about what our community is looking forward to this academic year.

Meet our Embedded CAPS Therapist: Paige Ziegler

Aug 23, 2023 0:01:20

The University of Michigan Office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has embedded therapists in schools and colleges across the Ann Arbor campus to improve mental health and wellness.

Black Perspectives in Public Policy

Apr 10, 2023 1:21:07

Patrick Wimberly and Theodore Jones join the Ford School in conversation with DeAndre Cavert, P3E community engagemen manager. April, 2023.