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Barton Gellman, “Democracy in Crisis”

Mar 23, 2022 0:58:49

Join us for Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and author Barton Gellman in conversation with Michigan Law Professor from Practice Barbara McQuade, as part of the spring 2022 Democracy in Crisis series.

Reginald Turner: Leadership in law and policy

Mar 14, 2022 1:00:00

American Bar Association President and Michigan alumnus Reginald M. Turner will share more on his leadership at the ABA and his work on some of its most pressing issues like access to legal services and judicial reform. March, 2022.

Molly Ball: Democracy - What it takes

Mar 9, 2022 1:01:00

TIME National Political Correspondent Molly Ball discusses with Craig Gilbert the 2020 election and what we learned and how can we strengthen democracy going forward. March, 2022.

Javed Ali: Ukraine crisis

Feb 24, 2022 0:03:10

University of Michigan experts can discuss Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine and its implications on global politics, economics and the human scale.

Shobita Parthasarathy: Why I Research

Feb 21, 2022 0:04:04

Shobita Parthasarathy explores comparative and international politics and policy related to science and technology. She is interested in how to develop innovation and associated policy to better achieve public interest and social justice goals.

Immigration reform and racial justice

Feb 17, 2022 0:59:07

Ann Chih Lin discusses the impact of immigration reform policies as part of a larger struggle to advance racial justice. February, 2022.

Two Spectacles, Two Crowds with Ann Chih Lin

Feb 11, 2022 1:04:02

In this discussion with Ann Lin, LRCCS Director, Miles Osgood of Stanford University will discuss the legacy of Zhang Yimou’s historic show and the significance of its 2022 sequel. Feburary, 2022.

Dexter Mason: Young Leaders in Public Service

Jan 27, 2022 0:53:42

Dexter Mason, head of social impact and DEI strategy at Buzzer, shares his experience working at the Kresge Foundation, RISE, and the Obama White House. January, 2022.