PUBPOL 499.001: Senior Seminar in Applied Public Policy

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Fall 2017
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This course offers senior public policy students an opportunity to conduct a policy analysis project in an area of their interest. Each student will identify a policy outcome of personal interest, and analyze strategies to advance that outcome. The student will complete a major project that makes informed recommendations to real world policy organizations and actors about how to make progress toward the desired policy outcome.
This course is designed for senior Public Policy majors. Others may enroll only with the permission of the instructor.

Topics to be covered:
Identifying a policy outcome and question of interest; Constructing a range of sensible policy options; Understanding what works under various circumstances; Identifying the key policy actors who can contribute toward better outcomes; Evaluating different kinds of evidence about the effectiveness of policy options; Assessing potential barriers to improving policy outcomes; Ethical issues that arise in policy analysis; Communicating recommendations to a policy audience.