PubPol 474

PubPol 474.003: Political Violence and Social Inequality

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Fall 2023
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"What are the values and ethics of foreign policy? Foreign policy refers to interactions between states, yet states are built by and use violence. States also create and reinforce social inequalities. Therefore, the state-to-state interactions that typify foreign policy often have implications for both violence and social inequalities. This course will rely upon a multidisciplinary body of literature from political science, history, sociology, psychology, and economics as a theoretical base for in-class discussion, then interrogate real examples of foreign policies from both the U.S. and around the world that have implications for political violence--civil war, mass repression, interstate war, rebellion--and enduring social inequities. Students will consider the ethical and practical implications of the works reviewed for real-world foreign policy debates."

This course is combined with PubPol 750.017.