PubPol 750.008

PubPol 750.008: Topics: DEI Across Sectors: Public, Private, Non-Profit Sectors in Transition

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Winter 2022
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This course meets in the second half of the semester (March 7 - April 19).

When harnessed effectively, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are assets that can broaden perspectives and improve an organization’s impact. When misunderstood, these differences can challenge leadership, engagement, and team effectiveness. Drawing on empirical research and case studies, the focus of this graduate seminar is to understand the successes and challenges of implementing DEI across sectors—public, private, and nonprofit. This course offers students an opportunity to explore a number of topical issues related to organizational practices and strategic and policy approaches to DEI. This course is highly interactive and enhanced through lectures, discussions, and assignments that are motivated through self-reflection and critical thinking.