PUBPOL 495.005

PUBPOL 495.005: Policy Seminar: Drugs, Crime, and Terrorism

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Fall 2019
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PubPol 495 is open to students in the Public Policy BA program, by permission only.

Students will explore the global issues of illegal drugs and drug trafficking, international crime and terrorism. Course content emphasizes the study of organizations and networks, policy formulation and implementation, national and international approaches and programs, and the international legal and organizational framework to deal with these issues. The instructor will devote attention to the similarities and links between illegal drugs, crime and terrorist organizations. Students will analyze the conflict between vigorous pursuit of solutions to these issues and other foreign and public policy objectives and how this affects the national interests and foreign policies of the nations and organizations involved. Students will assess lines of action that national and international policy makers might initiate to find solutions to these problems. The instructor will place emphasis on the tools and skills needed for policy analysis and the formulation of effective recommendations for decision making. Case studies, group exercises and simulations will be used throughout the course and there will be a number of policy writing assignments.