PUBPOL 587.205: Public Management: Leadership in Diversity Initiatives at Public Universities

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Winter 2018
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The focus of this graduate seminar in public management is leadership and policy issues related to diversity and inclusion efforts in higher education, with a particular focus on public universities in the United States. A number of current issues related to strategic and policy approaches to diversity in higher education will be explored through the lens of leadership. The course will cover leadership models, the role of vision and mission in organizations, and leadership skills such as strategic planning, change management, organizational culture, values conflict, stakeholder management and resource allocation. Policy topics will include: affirmative action in student recruiting/financial aid and in faculty hiring; law and institutional policy regarding speech and expression; bias reporting systems; and polemics regarding campus statues and named buildings/schools. Students will perform case study analyses of a number of current controversies on campuses and in legislatures. In addition, students will assist the leadership of the University of Michigan by analyzing current campus policies and making recommendations. Download Coursemart Audio.