Type: Public event

The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region: Improving Policy Outcomes Through Research and Engagement

Date & time

Apr 17, 2014, 9:00 am-12:15 pm EDT


Weill Hall

This event is being hosted by the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. Please contact them for more information. Read the reports related to this event: Environmental Policy in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion Wind Energy Development in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion The Great Lakes-St Lawrence Basin contains 18 percent of the world's freshwater and is home to 42 million people. While these waters are essential to Canada and the United States' quality of life, the current state and future sustainability of the basin continue to challenge policy makers. Please join the Wilson Center's Canada Institute and Environmental Security Program and the Great Lakes Policy Research Network for a half-day conference dedicated to bringing government, non-government, private sector, community organizations, and other stakeholders together to discuss the vital issue of Great Lakes environmental governance. Sessions Include: Brief Overview of the Great Lakes Policy Research Network – Research to Date & New Research Frontiers Carolyn Johns Associate Professor, Ryerson University "Public Opinion on Great Lakes Environmental and Energy Policy: A Canada-U.S. Comparison" Bary Rabe Director, Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy, University of Michigan Chris Borick Director, Institute of Public Opinion, Muhlenberg College Chris Gore Associate Professor, Ryerson University Sarah Mills Program Manager, Take Back the Light "Transboundary Governance Capacity in the Great Lakes Region: Comparative Findings Across Four Policy Cases" Debora VanNijnatten Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University Tim Heinmiller Associate Professor, Brock University Marcia Valiante Professor of Law, University of Windsor Dustin Garrick Philomathia Chair of Water Policy, McMaster University Kathryn Friedman Director of Cross-Border and International Research, University of Buffalo "Public Outreach in the Basin" Gail Krantzberg Professor, Civil Engineering, McMaster University Savitri Jetoo PhD Student, McMaster University