Type: Public event

We are the 20%: Women in Government

Date & time

Oct 11, 2016-Jul 18, 2024, 5:30 pm-6:56 am EDT


Women constitute a powerful force in the electorate and inform policymaking at all levels of government. Although women continue to be underrepresented as political officeholders, there is a growing contingent of dedicated women serving their communities and challenging the status quo in local and state government. In this historic election season, with the first woman nominated by a major party as a presidential candidate, our panel will explore what it is to be among the 20% -- from the campaign trail to the daily work of governing.

Panelists include state Senator Rebekah Warren, U-M Regent Katherine White, former Michigan state representative Rashida Tlaib, Ann Arbor Board of Education member Simone Lightfoot, and U-M Central Student Government Vice President Micah Griggs.


Hosted by the Institute for Research on Women & Gender (IRWG). Cosponsored by the Institute for Humanities, Ford School of Public Policy and Women’s Studies.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding accessibility: 734-764-9537 / [email protected]