Faculty by courtesy

Kristin Seefeldt

Associate Professor of Social Work; Associate Professor of Public Policy; Associate Faculty Director for Educational Programs

Kristin S. Seefeldt is the associate director of Poverty Solutions and an associate professor of social work, with a courtesy appointment at the Ford School. She holds a PhD in public policy and sociology from the University of Michigan. Her work focuses on how large macroeconomic and policy changes shape the lives of low to moderate-income families. She is the author of Working after Welfare (2008) and Abandoned Families (2016). Her most recent book is Credit Where It’s Due (with Frederick Wherry and Anthony Alvarez). She is also the author of numerous journal articles, including publications in the American Journal of Public Health, Social Forces, and Social Service Review.

Educational background

BA, American Government, 1990, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.;
MPP, Public Policy, 1996, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor;
PhD, Sociology and Public Policy, 2010, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor