Core faculty

Natasha V. Pilkauskas

Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Natasha Pilkauskas is an assistant professor of public policy at the Ford School. Pilkauskas' research considers how social policy might improve the developmental and life trajectories of low-income children. Much of her research focuses on the living arrangements of low-income children, especially those who live with grandparents. Past and current projects also investigate the role of family/kin transfers in helping families make ends meet; links between maternal employment and school outcomes; the effectiveness of the Earned Income Tax Credit; and the effects of the Great Recession on low-income households. Pilkauskas received a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University and a PhD in social welfare policy from Columbia University.

Recent Publications

"Maternal employment stability in early childhood: Links with child behavior and cognitive skills" Pilkauskas, N.V., Brooks-Gunn, J. & Waldfogel, J. (2018), "Assets among low-income families in the Great Recession" Duque, V.^, Pilkauskas, N.V.^ & Garfinkel, I. (2018)