Core faculty

Yazier Henry

Teaching Professor in Public Policy

Yazier Henry is a lecturer at the Ford School. As a public intellectual, scholar, theorist, strategist, political analyst, professional human rights advocate, and poet, he has written and published on the political economy of social voice, memory, trauma, identity, peace processes, Truth Commissions, international transitional justice and international humanitarian law. His research and writing projects focus on how structural and administrative violence come to be institutionalized during post-colonial transitions. His current work is on the discourse of human rights, structural violence and the politics of official voice. Among the courses Henry has taught at the Ford School are "Social Activism, Democracy, and Globalization: Perspectives of the Global South," "Facilitating Dialogue across Faultlines: Race, Identity, Leadership and Socio-Structural Difference," and "The Politics of Official Apologies: Dangerous Peacemaking." Henry gained his early advocacy experience in the international anti-apartheid movement.