Kohn Collaborative for Social Policy

The Kohn Collaborative for Social Policy is a Ford School hub that will catalyze interdisciplinary research and policy impact to promote social equity and inclusion. The collaborative consists of three pillars: Kohn Professors, Kohn Scholars, and policy impact.



A set of gifts totaling $17M established the Kohn Collaborative


The collaborative funds 5 professorships in social policy


The Ford School ranks #1 in social policy USNWR

Kohn Professors

Top row (L-R): Hermann and Amalie Kohn, Karl and Martha Kohn; Bottom row (L-R): Arlene Susan Kohn, Harold Kohn, and Carol Kohn
The Kohn Collaborative includes five endowed professorships named for Hermann and Amalie Kohn, Karl and Martha Kohn, Arlene Susan Kohn, Harold Kohn, and Carol Kohn

The heart of the collaborative: a cohort of preeminent scholars who together will tackle structural inequalities and improve lives—while training the next generation of leaders in social policy. 

  • Hermann and Amalie Kohn Professorship in Social Policy and Social Justice, promoting scholarly and applied research focused on social justice
  • Karl and Martha Kohn Professorship of Social Policy, promoting social equity through U.S. education policy, with a potential focus on childhood development
  • Arlene Susan Kohn Professorship of Social Policy, addressing the rights of disabled people in the United States
  • Harold Kohn Professorship, supporting applied research in U.S. economic policy that advances social equity and inclusion
  • Carol Kakalec Kohn Professorship, advancing social equity with a focus on the field of health disparities

Kohn Scholars

The Kohn Collaborative supports two Kohn Scholars as part of the Ford School’s partnership to support Rackham Master’s Awards.

Kohn policy impact

The collaborative will also support seed grants and the dissemination, networking, and advocacy work required to produce lasting policy impact.