In the midst of ongoing election disputes, John Ciorciari offers strategic suggestions for Cambodia's rulers, opposition

August 9, 2013

John Ciorciari, assistant professor of public policy and senior legal advisor to the Documentation Center of Cambodia, is one of a handful of experts tapped to discuss Cambodia's post-election impasse in the Voice of America article, "International Pressure Can Prevent Cambodian Political Stalemate, Analysts Say."

Cambodia's national election produced more questions than answers, with both rulers and opposition claiming victory. Ciorciari, a noted expert on Cambodian governance who believes that an ongoing stalemate will have troubling consequences for Cambodian citizens, offers suggestions to "find a compromise that won't end in a 'head-on collision in the streets.'"

While it's unlikely that Cambodia's ruling party, the Cambodian People's Party (CPP), will agree to a United Nations inquiry of election results, says Ciorciari, "The CPP could offer appointments, pledges of specific policy reforms, or take other steps short of agreeing to a full UN inquiry."

How to proceed from here? "The [opposition party's] best strategy is to maintain pressure on the government through peaceful protests and calls for an inquiry while negotiating privately with CPP leaders for concessions," Ciorciari told Voice of America journalist, Sok Khemara.