Soundbites, overheard @ Ford School events from spring 2016 State & Hill magazine

May 2, 2016

Policy Talks @ the Ford School

The United States is in a cyber-war. Most Americans don’t know it, and we’re not winning....We are losing this fight because we can’t get over this privacy versus security hangover.
[W]ithout an increase in prosperity, we’re going to face an increase in instability.
Our current social safety net has become a business subsidy...In 2014, 67 percent of the [households] who used the social safety net had at least one person working full time.
We see 50,000 new HIV infections in this country a year. Somebody is not using condoms. So to have a tool that people can use if they’re not going to use condoms is remarkable.
Our challenges are too deep, and the players too diverse, for us to depend solely on traditional military and diplomatic tools. In the modern world, commerce must be part of our foreign policy toolkit.
We applaud innovation, but it can never be an excuse to compromise core labor standards or to leave people behind.
If there’s going to be a real change in policing, then we have to understand that America is rooted and grounded in white supremacy.

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