Dominguez in South China Morning Post: U.S. casts nervous eye over Chinese debt

June 19, 2017

Kathryn Dominguez is quoted in a new South China Morning Post story about China’s rising debt levels: “US casting nervous eye at China’s ‘phenomenal’ debt levels, says former Obama pick for the Fed.”

“It’s really quite phenomenal how high the debt level [in China] has gone over a fairly short period of time,” Dominguez is said to have told the Post while visiting Peking University for an economic symposium.

“Dominguez said one lesson Chinese regulators should learn from their American counterparts was to improve policy transparency and enhance communication with the market to avoid shocks,” wrote Frank Tang, who authored the June 17 story.

"The [Fed's] recent interest rate increase was completely predicted by all the markets. When it happened, it didn't have much of an effect," Dominguez said. "That's on purpose."

Kathryn Dominguez is a professor of public policy and economics whose work focuses on international financial markets and macroeconomics. In 2015, President Obama nominated Dominguez for an open seat on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.