Ford School reopens fall 2020 masters application in wake of pandemic

April 30, 2020

Given the unusual public health and economic dislocations facing many service-oriented professionals, including returning Peace Corps Volunteers and Fulbright Fellows, the University of Michigan's Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy is pleased to announce that we are opening a second, short round of graduate admissions for students looking to start school in fall 2020.

We've admitted a full class of outstanding graduate students for the fall. Two urgent trends, however, make this a key moment to innovate and expand access to the Ford School's top-ranked educational programs, which are known for their strength in analytical training, written and oral communication skills, and leadership preparation.

First, the economic downturn has many promising prospective students looking to build their skills, experience, and connections--to position themselves to have a powerful positive impact on the issues they care about.

Second, the pandemic crisis has thrown stark light on the importance of good governance. Expertise matters, data analysis matters, leadership matters, the ability to listen and work across differences matters. We see these truths play out in real-time, in nations and communities around the world. These truths are core to the mission and values of the Ford School.

We'll accept applications for our MPP and MPA programs from May 1 until June 1, and will announce admission decisions by July 1. The GRE is not required for this special application, but candidates must be able to demonstrate quantitative and written communication skills from past professional and academic experiences.

We have a limited amount of fellowship funding available for newly admitted students through our established partnership programs with the Peace Corps, Teach for America, PPIA, Americorps, and the U.S. military. Please email our admissions team at [email protected] for more information.


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