January 2020 DEI Updates

January 10, 2020


Focus on our goal: Promoting an Equitable and Inclusive Climate

2019-2020 DEI Coalition. The Ford School DEI Coalition met on December 6. The Coalition reviewed DEI related communication efforts. Comprehensive processes are in place to disseminate, collect, and respond to feedback concerning DEI efforts and plan progress, across various contexts. These processes include but are not limited to face-to-face and mass communications and formal and informal feedback loops. Communications and Outreach will continue to play an important role in supporting the ongoing needs of communicating DEI efforts and plan updates to members of the Ford School community.

Concerning 2020 election year activities, Ford School student representatives received an invitation from Dean Barr to participate on the Dean’s Advisory Committee on Election Year Activities. The committee is comprised of faculty, staff, and students. The goal of the Committee is to provide guidance and recommendations on Ford School and University of Michigan activities and programming in the 2020 election year. The DEI Coalition recommended several Ford School activities related to the 2020 election year.   

Are you a Ford School student organization planning an event during winter term? Consider submitting a DEI Funding Request. The purpose of the funding is to encourage student-led programming that advance objectives in the Y4 Ford School Diversity Plan. Access the funding request form and send inquiries to [email protected] and [email protected]


Ford School invited to join Equity Challenge. The challenge is an opportunity to learn about the different ways that bias, prejudice, privilege and oppression show up in our everyday lives. It encourages participants to take a united approach to examining the history and impacts of racism in Washtenaw County. The 21-day virtual, self-guided challenge provides participants with tools and examples to broaden understanding and work towards building racial equity and justice. Participants can sign up at uwwashtenaw.org/equity or by texting “UWWCEQUITY” to 22828 to join. Participation is private, free, and anonymous. For more information contact J’Taime Lyons at [email protected]

Wednesday, January 20 | 10:00 - 11:30 AM | Hill Auditorium 825 N. University Avenue
Annual MLK Jr. Symposium keynote memorial lecture with activist, educator and author Angela Davis.

Wednesday, January 20 | 12:00 AM - 1:30 PM | Annenberg Auditorium (1120)
MLK Jr. Symposium | Weiser Diplomacy Center Series with Ambassador Susan Rice and Michael Barr

Join the Ford School for an arm-chair conversation between Ambassador Susan Rice and Michael Barr, Dean of the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

For U-M DEI events across campus visit http://diversity.umich.edu/


We take pride in highlighting a wide array of team players and personalities at the Ford School. This month the spotlight features Eduardo Montero, assistant professor of Public Policy. 

Courses Taught:
PubPol 750.310: Applied Methods for Development
PubPol 558.001: Microeconomics B
PubPol 480.001: Global Policy Seminar: Costa Rica 

Years Employed at the Ford School: 1.5 Years

What do you like most about mentoring students? 

One thing that immediately struck me about students at the Ford School and the University of Michigan is how they have such diverse interests, skills, and experiences. I’ve only been here for one full academic year, but every time I am meeting with students, I am constantly in awe about how wide-ranging the topics and questions of interest are. While this could maybe make it challenging to mentor students, to me it has made it exciting and rewarding. I get to see how the varied experiences, goals, and interests of students will lead them in the future, and how I can provide any form of advice along these diverse paths. It has been great to keep in touch with students and hear about their internships, jobs, and/or research projects. Seeing students achieve their goals, gain new experiences, and follow their own path has been the most rewarding part of mentoring students so far.

What is the most helpful advice you’ve received? I am from Costa Rica, and growing up, my grandmothers always gave me advice through traditional refranes (sayings). One refrain that always stood out to me – possibly due to repetition – was “Dime con quien andas, y te dire quien eres” (Tell me who you surround yourself with, and I will tell you who you are). To me, this saying always reminds me, both personally and professionally, to first appreciate the people around you who support you and share experiences with you; and, second, to surround yourself with kind and curious people who will challenge you and make you grow. And, to remember to appreciate your grandmothers. 


Registration is now open for the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT) Winter 2020 Seminar Series. This series provides an opportunity for participants to share ideas across disciplines, improve their teaching skills, expand their repertoire of teaching methods, and gain new perspectives on teaching at Michigan. 

For a full list of CRLT seminars and to register for individual sessions, visit the CRLT site.  

  • LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda.com, is an on-demand, online learning solution designed to help faculty and staff gain new skills and advance your career. LinkedIn Learning is available for free to all benefits-eligible active faculty and staff at U-M. UM’s Organizational Learning has added content and plans to curate future courses into collections by themes. To access content, a UMICH username and password are required. 
  • Unconscious Bias in Everyday Life Human Resources Training Dates.
  • Ford School of Public Policy DEI Resources

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Do you know of an upcoming DEI related event that may be of interest to others? Send your news updates to [email protected] or call (734) 615-4402.

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Best wishes,

Stephanie Sanders
Diversity Officer/Lecturer III