Rabe on federal climate reform prospects

October 29, 2021

Commenting to E&E News and to German news Handelsblatt, Barry Rabe weighed in on why Biden's climate reforms have been weakened in a polarized political climate and what can still be achieved.

“A real challenge for the U.S. is if a carbon price is just so challenging politically, regulatory tools can only take place through the Clean Air Act, which is a very brittle process,” Rabe told E&E News. “Then you’re left with investment. Can you produce enough money for a sustained period of time to bridge all those uncertainties?”

Speaking with Handelsblatt, Rabe explained, "This approach is completely new in the USA, we have never done anything like this before. Coming out of Congress, climate reform may be "a lot less ambitious than Biden once promised."

But, he says, "A great law is much more stable and credible than what the next president can undo with the stroke of a pen."

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