Jacob in the media discussing Flint academic performance study

May 22, 2022

The recent Education Policy Initiative study about Flint, which found Math achievement for school-age children in Flint decreased and the proportion of children with special needs increased as a result of the Michigan city's water crisis during 2014-16, was featured in important statewide media outlets.

Lead author Brian Jacob was quoted in an article for MLive, saying the results of the research “have salient implications for education in communities that undergo major crises.” He added that Flint children fell four months further behind their same grade peers in the comparison districts.

In an interview with Michigan Radio, Jacob said the study shows the effect of a crisis in a community. “I think anyone would have expected that would have had a detrimental effect on students’ outcomes,” he said.

The report noted one caveat: the data is primarily from students in the third grade and higher. Studies have shown younger children are at an even higher risk from lead exposure, it said.

The original articles can be seen here:

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