Tompkins-Stange weighs in on no-strings-attached donations

December 5, 2022

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott is changing the world of education philanthropy by giving no-strings-attached, multimillion-dollar donations to schools. Megan Tompkins-Stange, associate professor of public policy, analyzed the donations, and the impact they will have—not only on the recipients but the philanthropic world as a whole.

"It’s very unusual. It’s very radical,” Tompkins-Stange told Education Week. "Her theory of change is very different: She thinks she will have more impact by letting people have the money and do what they think is best. Especially philanthropists who are in tech…they want to give donations that have a direct and measurable impact and are catalytic in nature."

"The idea that she has such a broad scope and such a big scale—that she has so much money going out the door—it can’t help but create a giant ripple."

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