Atran discusses how organizations should approach geopolitical risk

October 25, 2023

In a podcast episode for RANE Insights, Scott Atran, adjunct research professor at the Ford School, explored the history and future dynamics of how organizations approach geopolitical risk through the lens of security and intelligence.

Atran highlighted the need for companies to control intelligence algorithms during geopolitically tense conflicts to combat antagonistic rhetoric. “I think the best way to get some movement on this is to convince the people who work for these companies and control these companies to ask themselves who we are and what we stand for, other than simply making money,” explained Atran.

In addition, Atran discussed the role of social media in engaging in the dissemination of information during major geopolitical events. “What social media enables, that was never possible before, is that people don’t have to commit themselves physically [to information-sharing],” said Atran. “They can engage in the gains of social media without suffering the costs, as responsibility can be denied because the sources of information need not ever be attributed to one person, or one institution, or another, and can remain anonymous.”

Listen to the podcast episode: How Should Organizations Approach Geopolitical Risk?”