Levitsky says US-Brazil relations blooming

January 4, 2023

Ford School professor Melvyn Levitsky, a former U.S. ambassador to Brazil, has been commenting on the new relationship between the countries as President Lula da Silva takes office.

BBC Brazil, January 2, 2023: "[Inviting Lula to the White House] was an important first step, and it is more than symbolic. But the symbolism is also relevant. It shows the importance that the United States attaches to Brazil. What shouldn't be otherwise, after all they are two huge countries, with many mutual interests, and some conflicting interests."

BBC Brazil, January 4, 2023: "Both (Biden and Lula) need to be skilled politicians and work hard with their own legislatures to get what they want. Both will have to deal with this political scene and get personally involved. That will take time, but it's necessary to get their programs passed. Biden is already doing that. And based on what we've seen, it's been well- happened."