Welcome newly-elected 2024 Alumni Board members

January 18, 2024

Six Ford School alumni have been elected to serve on the Alumni Board by their peers. These engaged alumni bring diverse experience in international finance, criminal law, health reform, and more. Elected members include:

  • Michael Cahill (MPP/JD ‘99)
  • Olga Ioffe Kasher (MPP/MA ‘99)
  • Cortney Sanders (MPP ‘17) (re-elected)
  • Sophia Kittler (MPP/MBA ‘14)
  • D.J. McKerr (BA ‘13)
  • Kelsey Rhodes (BA ‘14)

The newly elected members will begin their term on January 1, 2024, and conclude on December 31, 2026. The first meeting of the new term will take place on April 5, 2024. 

Two student representatives selected by their peers, Danica Swiggart (MPP '24) and BA student representative Yasmine Elkharssa (BA ‘24), will serve from January 1, 2024, until December 31, 2024. 

Five Ford School alumni have concluded their service on the board. Outgoing members brought expertise and passion to advance the Ford School’s mission. They helped enhance the quality of policy education by sharing their networks and assisting with recruiting the next generation of policy professionals. We thank the following alumni for their service:

  • Bill Dorotinsky (MPP ‘86)
  • Julia Friedman (BA ‘10)
  • Naomi Goldberg (MPP ‘08)
  • Trevis Harrold (MPP ‘17)
  • Ivy Tran (MPP/MA ‘18)


About the Ford School Alumni Board

Founded in 1990, the Ford School Alumni Board offers peer-elected alumni a first-hand understanding of the school's goals, programs, and key issues—and enables members to share their wisdom and experiences in an advisory capacity that supports the programs and activities of the school.

Alumni Board members work to increase the Ford School's visibility; strengthen the school's alumni network; and assist the school with student recruitment, career services, and alumni relations activities. Recent Alumni Board initiatives supporting the activities of the Ford School include engagement with prospective students, the annual Worldwide Ford School Spirit Day, fundraising efforts for student support, and student professional development opportunities such as office hours and mock interviews.

Alumni Board members serve three-year terms and six seats open for election each year to encourage broad alumni involvement and representation.