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Our students' dissertation titles are recorded below. Full-text versions of all the dissertations are available via the University's Deep Blue service.


Public Policy & Economics

Student Name Dissertation Title
Abarcar, Paolo Essays on the Economics of International Migration and Return.
Beam, Emily Information and Labor Markets in the Philippines.
Broussard, Nzinga Harriet Essays in Labor and Development Economics.
Crow, Mark Economic and Social Determinants of Military Labor Supply: Essays on the Effects of Local Labor Market Conditions and the Opioid Crisis and Service in the U.S. Army.
Ferrero, Chiara Essays in Public Finance and Political Economy.
Fitzpatrick, Anne Three Essays in Health and Development.
Garlick, Robert Essays in Development Economics and Econometrics.
Godlonton, Susan Three Essays on Job Trainee and Employee Behavior: Experimental Evidence from Malawi.
Goldberg, Jessica Ann Experimental Evidence about Earning, Saving, and Borrowing Money in Rural Malawi.
Goldstein, Daniel Aaron Three Essays on the Objective Function in Economics.
Hernández, Mónica The Role of Out of School Factors on Student Performance and Educational Attainment.
Hyman, Joshua Three Essays on the Economics of Education.
Johnson, Erik Paul Three Essays in Environmental Economics and Applied Econometrics.
Lim, Katie Three Essays on Female Self-Employment.
Mahajan, Parag Essays on Labor Mobility.
Matsudaira, Jordan D Three Essays in Education and Labor Economics.
McLaren, Zoe Essays on Labor Market Outcomes in South Africa.
Montgomery, Nicholas Essays on Public Finance and Time Use.
Murphy, Daniel Modeling Demand in International and Macro Economics.
Nunn, Ryan Douglas Three Essays on Estimation with Unpriced Amenities.
Owen, Stephanie Essays in the Economics of Education.
Pounder, Laurie Life-cycle Consumption Examined.
Ratner, David Diamond Three Essays on the U.S. Labor Market: Macroeconomic Trends and Cycles.
Resch, Alexandra Margaret Three Essays on Resources in Education.
Streich, Francie Online Education in Community Colleges: Access, School Success, and Labor-Market Outcomes.
Theoharides, Caroline Three Essays on the Economics of International Migration.
Thompson, Hope The Expansion of Renewable Energy Technologies and Their Impact on Household Energy Portfolios and Sustainable Development: A Study Of Nepal.
Toohey, Desmond Three Essays in the Economics of Unemployment and Aging.
Tulayasathien, Soraphol Essays on International Taxation.
Walsh, F.G. Elias Three Essays on the Economics of Education and Labor Economics.


Public Policy & Political Science

Student Name Dissertation Title
Barnes, Carolyn Political Learning Revisited: How Nonprofit Service Provision Shapes Political Participation Among the Poor.
Beatty, Alison Cross-National Policy Diffusion in States and Provinces.
Benstead, Lindsay Joy Does Casework Build Support for a Strong Parliament? Legislative Representation and Public Opinion in Morocco and Algeria.
Bray, Janna The Local Politics of Muslim Immigration.
Brown, Ashley Reid Coffee Shop Conversations: An Exploration of How Local Elected Officials Develop and Engage Their Social Networks.
Demessie, Menna Aklilu Navigating the Boundaries of Blackness: Congressional Caucuses U.S. Foreign Policy and African Affairs.
Ellis, Cali Trust and Communication in Cross-Border Counterterrorism Networks.
Gause, LaGina The Advantage of Disadvantage; Legislative Responsiveness to Collective Action by the Politically Marginalized.
Gong, Abe W. What Theories of Political Participation Can Teach Us about the Blogosphere, and Vice Versa.
Helfstein, Scott Adam Predispositions and Foreign Policy Surprises: Assessing the Impact of Rational and Biased Beliefs on Strategic Decision-Making.
Hemphill, Portia Rebel Without a Pause: Discovering the Relationship between Rap Music and the Political Attitudes and Participation of Black Youth.
Howard, Tiffiany Ora State Pressures and the Forced Migrant: Evaluating Global State Failure in an Effort to Ameliorate the Consequences of Forced Migration in the Developing World.
Kabo, Valenta The Political Economy of Property Rights: An Examination Into the Components of Land Laws and Their Effects on Politics and Growth.
Katz, Daniel M Perspectives on Law and Legal Institutions as Complex Adaptive Systems.
Kavanagh, Jennifer Erin The Dynamics of Protracted Terror Campaigns: Domestic Politics, Terrorist Violence, and Counterterror Responses.
Kostyuk, Nadiya Public Cyberinstitutions: Signaling State Cybercapacity.
Lee, Jieun Political Activities of Foreign Multinational Corporations in the United States.
Lerner, Michael Green Catalysts? The Impact of Transnational Advocacy on Environmental Policy Leadership.
Loftis, Kenyatha Vauthier Proprietary Threat and the Participation Paradox in Gifted and Talented Education: A Multi-level Mixed Methods Theory of Resource Distribution.
McGee, Heather Water, International Development and Collective Action: An Impact Assessment of an Irrigation Management Project in Southern Kyrgyzstan.
Okwuje, Ifeoma M F Analysis of the Contribution of the 1979 UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women to Women's Rights: Statistical Findings and Country Cases.
Phinney, Robin Linden Diverse Interest Group Coalitions and Social Welfare Policy in the United States.
Phoenix, Davin Anger (Mis)Management? Racial Differences in the Emotional Foundations of Political Action.
Potter, Rachel Writing the Rules of the Game: The Strategic Logic of Agency Rulemaking.
Ravanilla, Nico Essays in Political Economy and Governance: Lessons from the Philippines.
Ravishankar, Anita A Pathway to Prosocial Policing? A Framework for Police Behavior and Three Tests of What Works in Police Reform.
Reynolds, Molly Exceptions to the Rule: Majoritarian Procedures and Majority Party Power in the United States Senate.
Simonelli, Corina Economic Counterinsurgency: Implications for Political Violence and Foreign Investment.
Stephens, Lafleur Nadiyah The Effectiveness of Implicit and Explicit Racial Appeals in a "Post-Racial" America.
Teodoro, Manuel P Bureaucratic Ambition: Professional Careers, Personal Motives, and Policy Innovation.
Tkacheva, Olesya Federalism and Democratic Consolidation in Russia and Beyond.
Ullah, Haroon K Tug of Faith: Understanding the Emergence and Success of Islamic Parties.


Public Policy & Sociology

Student Name Dissertation Title
Cheng, Siwei Unequal Origins, Unequal Trajectories: Social Stratification over the Life Course.
Cross, Christina The Color, Class, and Context of Family Structure and Its Association with Children's Educational Performance.
Dinzey, Zaire Zenit Fighting Crime, Constructing Segregation: Crime, Housing Policy, and the Social Brands of Puerto Rican Neighborhoods.
Fang, Michael Three Essays on the Relationship Between Social Ties and Mental Health.
Forbes, Melissa Kay Climate Change 'Resolution:' Dynamics of Shareholder Engagement between U.S. Firms and Investors.
Gillooly, Jessica "911, Is This an Emergency?": How 911 Call-Takers Extract, Interpret, and Classify Caller Information.
Greenman, Emily Kate Intersecting Inequalities: Four Essays on Race, Immigration, and Gender in the Contemporary United States.
Grieger, Lloyd Dale Three Essays Examining the Behavioral and Socioeconomic Transition to Adulthood in the United States and Africa: Evidence from Longitudinal Studies.
Harris, Angel Luis Do African Americans Really Resist School: An In-Depth Examination of the Oppositional Culture Theory.
Hevenstone, Debra Labor Market Inequality and Atypical Employment.
Johnson, Maria S Through a Daughter's Eyes: Understanding the Influence of Black Fathers on Their Daughters' Conceptualizations of Fatherhood and Womanhood.
Killewald, Sasha (Achen) What Money Buys and Family Costs: Three Papers on the Work-Family Intersection.
King, Katherine E Biological, Psychosocial, and Social Capital Implications of the Neighborhood Built Environment.
Lewis, Ronald L'Heureux Educational Inequality in an Affluent Setting: An Exploration of Resources and Opportunity.
Liu, Airan Family SES, Non-cognitive Skills and Achievement Inequality in Children's Early Life.
Morrell, Erica The Politics of Food Policy: Knowledge, Power, and Participation in two American Cities.
Paul, Anju Mary Multinational Maids: Multistate Migration among Aspiring Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers.
Pavelle, Bridget Jennifer Life Course Transitions and Instability in Health Insurance Coverage.
Peachey, Everett State Sponsored Political Socialization and Public Diplomacy Exchange Program Outcomes: The Case of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program.
Perez, Anthony D Muddy Waters: The Fluidity and Complexity of Racial and Ethnic Identification in the U.S.
Pineda, Daniela A Federal Intervention to Improve Latino College Participation: Evidence from the Title V Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program.
Roberts, Christopher Nigel Exploring Fractures within Human Rights: An Empirical Study of Resistance.
Ross, Karen Elizabeth Charter Schools and Segregation: The Cases of Michigan and North Carolina.
Seefeldt, Kristin S Three Essays on Women Low-wage Work and Economic Well-being.
Sternthal, Michelle J The Social Determinants of Health Disparities: The Role of Social and Temporal Contexts.
Turner, Kennedy On the Battlefield?: Using Cultural Schemas to Navigate the Racial Terrain of College.
Wyse, Jessica Jasmine Race, Gender and the Administration of Justice in a Community Corrections System.
Yarger, Jennifer Lyn Eckerman Three Essays Examining Social Determinants of Fertility Attitudes and Behavior: Evidence from Longitudinal Studies.
Zelner, Jonathan Leigh Integrating Social and Biological Processes of Infectious Disease Transmission at Three Levels: Household, Community and Region.  

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