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PUBPOL 692.001: Thinking about Crime

David Thacher
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2015
10:00-11:30 am EDT Download Syllabus

As Chief of the New York City Police Department, William Bratton was fond of saying that the crime rate has the same meaning for a police department as profits have for a business--that the crime rate is the bottom line of policing.


Lowande comments on police force "militarization"

Jun 30, 2020
Kenneth Lowande, assistant professor of political science and a faculty by courtesy at the Ford School, is quoted in an article on Bridge June 29 that looks at the militarization of police forces around the state of Michigan. He has studied the...

Law enforcement increasingly intolerant of dissent

Aug 29, 2014
"It's very clear that when people get this gear they tend to want to use it," says Joy Rohde in the August 28 Policy Points video, "When the police look like soldiers." Rohde argues that militarized police departments lead to violent...