Students on life in Ann Arbor

September 1, 2014 0:02:05
Kaltura Video

Why the Ford School? Students describe what makes Ann Arbor one of America's great college towns. 


There's bookstores and people watching and just lovely things to sit around - its, its the culture of Ann Arbor.

There's a, there's a fairly vibrant, uh, karaoke scene in Ann Arbor.

I'm attending the summer program as a studying English, and one of their class, uh, have to go to the art museum.

We have a thriving intramural program.

I remember one of my first weekends here, like I just went to a local bookstore, and like, really got to enjoy that.

There's a program through the Ford School called IDP. Um, through which I went to Cape Verde last year.

And of course there is so many international students here, and so, Japanese, and Koreans, and Chinese.

I've been to Africa now, uh, five or six times.

When you ask people what are their interests, a lot of the Michiganders will be like, you know, I'm interested in social policy, inequity, and like, Detroit.

Uh University of Michigan students, after they graduate, if they're looking to uh experience what it is to be a part of a community that's making a difference, that's really invested in the work that they do, they usually find that in Detroit.

At first, just in my image, in America there's only hamburger or oily or pizza food. Uh, is not so.

I love the farmer's market, and, you get to know the vendors, you get to know the vegetables.

So I'm a big coffee addict, so I've explored all the major coffee places, and there is uh one for basically every single day of the week, and one for every single mood you could possibly have.

Things to do with my nieces, I mean, the food, forget about it. We went to Tomukun noodles, they've never had pho before, I mean it was fabulous, so I'm, I'm happy to be able to to provide them with that experience.

I love it.