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PUBPOL 636: Program Evaluation

Elisabeth Gerber
Fall 2005
11:22-11:22 pm EST
The central issues addressed by this course are whether and how one ought to try to establish the extent to which public programs are achieving their goals. Are the goals being attained? If not, why not?

PUBPOL 534: The Economics of Developing Countries

Dean Yang
Fall 2008
11:22-11:22 pm EST
This course surveys what we do and don't know about economic growth and poverty alleviation in developing countries. We begin by discussing alternative perspectives on the goals of development.

PUBPOL 210/HMP200: Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health

Fall 2006
11:22-11:22 pm EST
This course is intended to serve as an introduction to the major issues of health and health care in the United States – what they are, what determines them, and how they can be altered. In so doing, the course surveys the field of public health.

PUBPOL 766: Issues in U.S. National Security

Melvyn Levitsky
Fall 2012
11:22-11:22 pm EST

This course concentrates on the foreign policy aspects of U.S. National Security. We will study the Cold War preface to current policy as well as broad issues of substance and process affecting national security policy.

PubPol 626

PubPol 626: The History and Future of Detroit

Fall 2013
11:22-11:22 pm EST

No metropolis played a greater role in shaping the Twentieth Century world than did Detroit. This course focuses upon the history and future of Detroit emphasizing the private and governmental policies that now seek to revitalize the city.


PUBPOL 778.001: Project Skills Workshop

Elisabeth Gerber
Fall 2017
1:00-2:30 pm EST

This is a professional skills workshop that will be required for students enrolled in the Applied Policy Seminar (APS, PP578) and open to other MPP/ Master's student. To be offered each semester, concurrent with the APS.