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PUBPOL 555.001: Microeconomics A

Justin Wolfers
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2016
10:00-11:30 am EDT

This course begins a two-term sequence designed to provide students with an understanding of the economic implications of public policies and with analytic tools useful in system design and policy planning.


PUBPOL 510.001: The Politics of Public Policy

Valenta Kabo
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2017
1:00-2:30 pm EDT

This is a core course restricted to Ford School students only

This section of 510 aims to help you better understand policy analysis and the political environment within a context of American domestic politics at the national level.

PUBPOL 529.001

PUBPOL 529.001: Statistics

Catherine Hausman
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2019
1:00-2:20 pm EDT Download Syllabus

This course covers descriptive statistics, probability theory, probability distributions ( normal, binomial, chi-squared, F), sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.


PUBPOL 810: PhD Policy Research Seminar

John Leahy
Fall 2019
1:00-2:20 pm EDT

A bi-weekly one-credit seminar that introduces students to applied policy research. For students in the Ford School Joint Ph.D. program. Open to PhD students only.

PubPol 495.003

PubPol 495.003: Policy Seminar: History and Public Policy

Fall 2013
3:36-3:36 am EDT
Policy seminars are open only to undergraduates enrolled in the Ford School. These small, interdisciplinary courses will focus on particular public policy issues as reflected in the title of the course.

PUBPOL 642: Socioeconomic Policy and Health Policy

James House
Fall 2013
3:36-3:36 am EDT
This course explores how and why socioeconomic policies (e.g., education, income/welfare, civil rights, macroeconomics/employment, housing/urban policies) may be as or more consequential for population health as “health” policies (i.e., health care a

PUBPOL 513.001: Calculus

Carl Simon
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2015
1:00-2:30 pm EDT

This course is designed specifically to provide students in all degree programs at the Ford School with the fundamental mathematical tools necessary for their subsequent coursework.

PubPol 683

PubPol 683: Elections & Campaigns

Gerald Hills
Fall 2021
5:30-8:20 pm EDT

There is no policy without victory. More precisely, well-planned and well-executed political campaigns win elections and make governing possible.