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PUBPOL 717: Humanising History

Yazier Henry
Fall 2008
11:26-11:26 pm EST
How do individuals, communities and nations remember and represent the past? How is the relationship between history, memory and forgetting displaced through the very forms of socio-cultural production that inscribe it?

PUBPOL 499.001: Senior Seminar in Applied Public Policy

Janet Weiss
Fall 2016
4:00-6:00 pm EST

This course offers senior public policy students an opportunity to conduct a policy analysis project in an area of their interest. Each student will identify a policy outcome of personal interest, and analyze strategies to advance that outcome.


PUBPOL 541: International Trade Policy

Alan Deardorff
Fall 2013
11:26-11:26 pm EST
This course examines the policy issues of international trade, including trade in both goods and services and also international flows of direct investment and migration.

PUBPOL 521.001: Introduction to Policy Writing

Fall 2017
11:30 am-1:00 pm EST

This course teaches the norms of policy writing to 1st year policy students. Through small workshops, students will analyze approaches to different types of policy writing.


PUBPOL 744.001: Economics of the Public Sector

Betsey Stevenson
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2018
4:00-5:20 pm EST

This is a course on how economists think about government revenue and government expenditures — how governments raise and spend public money. Public Finance is a subfield of microeconomics.


PUBPOL 580: Values, Ethics, and Public Policy

John Chamberlin
Fall 2009
11:26-11:26 pm EST
This course seeks to make students sensitive to and articulate about the ways in which moral and political values come into play in the American policy process, particularly as they affect non-elected public officials who work in a world shaped by po

PUBPOL 529: Statistics

Fall 2011
11:26-11:26 pm EST
This course covers descriptive statistics, probability theory, probability distributions (normal, binomial, Poisson, exponential), sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.

PUBPOL 692.001: Thinking about Crime

David Thacher
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2015
10:00-11:30 am EST Download Syllabus

As Chief of the New York City Police Department, William Bratton was fond of saying that the crime rate has the same meaning for a police department as profits have for a business--that the crime rate is the bottom line of policing.


PUBPOL 564: Government Regulation of Industry and Environment

Fall 2011
11:26-11:26 pm EST
Basic economic principles and methods are used to identify the circumstances in which government intervention can improve industrial efficiency, and to investigate successful and unsuccessful regulatory strategies.

PUBPOL 495.004: Topics: Comparative Law and Policy

Valenta Kabo
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2015
1:00-2:30 pm EST

Because law is one of the means through which policies are enacted, understanding the different structures of legal systems is a necessary for understanding policy promulgation in different country-contexts.