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PubPol 567

PubPol 567 STATA for Public Policy

Alton Worthington
his course is an introduction to programming and working in STATA, a core statistical program in the social sciences. In a variety of fields, STATA remains the baseline program for analysis, data management, and...
PubPol 201

PubPol 201.001 Systematic Thinking

Brian Jacob
This course provides an introduction to public policy design and analysis using "systematic thinking" from the social sciences and humanities, with the application of scientific methods and knowledge more...
PubPol 475

PubPol 475.011 Topics: Climate Change

Devin Judge-Lord
In the past century—the blink of an eye in ecological time—a small portion of humans concentrated in wealthier and more industrialized countries began to radically transform the ecology of our planet at an unprecedented...