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PubPol 583

PubPol 583 Negotiations

Attia Qureshi
Negotiation Basics for Public Policy will provide students with an understanding of the theory and processes of negotiation as practiced in a variety of...
PubPol 750

PubPol 750.014 Topics: Supreme Court

Valenta Kabo
How do the judges on the Supreme Court make their decisions? What were the real issues in cases such as Roe v. Wade, and is it possible that the Court would overturn this decision? How do judges in different eras decided cases...
PubPol 750

PubPol 750.010 Topics: Healthcare Reform

Jonathan Cohn
The Politics and History of Health Care Reform: This class will focus on answering the question of what it takes to pass a major piece of legislation -- and what that answer says about the structure of American government and nature of...
PubPol 638

PubPol 638 Integrated Policy Exercise

Amy Harris
The Integrated Policy Exercise provides students with a week long opportunity to work intensively on a policy issue. All students participate as part of a team representing different constituencies with an interest in the problem being...
PubPol 775

PubPol 775 Experimental Field Methods

Justin Holz
Experimentation is increasingly being used as a tool to inform policy decision-making in a wide range of areas, including education, health, energy, workplace design, consumer finance, voting, taxation, non-profits, charitable fundraising, among...