AP quotes John Chamberlin on the ethical implications of Michigan's recent political scandal

September 15, 2015

In a September 15 Associated Press article, "Statehouse sex scandals between lawmakers, interns, lobbyists carry public costs, consequences," John Chamberlin outlines the public harm of Michigan's recent political sex scandal.

"They're abusing the public trust, and that matters to all of us because this drip of stuff over time makes us less able to be an effective political society,” Chamberlin told the press. 

When misconduct involves lobbyists and elected officials, Chamberlin argues that their actions have more direct implications. “There's certainly a conflict of interest there," says Chamberlin. "It's implausible to believe that might not have an effect on their legislative behavior." 

The article also highlights the financial cost to taxpayers, including legal fees, lost productivity, and special elections.

John R. Chamberlin is a professor emeritus of political science and public policy. His research interests include ethics and public policy, professional ethics, and methods of election and representation. Chamberlin launched the Ford School’s course “Values, Ethics and Public Policy,” now a core component of the Ford School’s curriculum.