Alumni field report, Komal Aggarwal (MPP ’13) @ Energy Future Holdings

December 21, 2016

Komal Aggarwal (MPP ’13) offers this alumni field report from her position as lead analyst at Energy Future Holdings in Dallas, Texas.

As lead risk management analyst for Energy Future Holdings—a Dallas-based privately held energy company—I analyze the daily risk in the company’s energy portfolios and help ensure that its energy supply is optimized. I also analyze the energy market and forecast future power prices to help determine what the company’s long-term energy investments should be. Additionally, I develop mathematical models that are used for building hedging strategies for our renewable energy investments. While the majority of EFH’s current energy supply is coal generated, we’re actively trying to improve our green footprint.

My time at the Ford School was instrumental in helping me get where I am today. I still rely on concepts I learned in Microeconomics and Program Evaluation. I gained great practical experience, applying cost-benefit analysis and pricing to a real-word project, in Applied Policy Seminar*. I also really appreciated the flexibility offered to explore courses in other schools at the University of Michigan. Particularly helpful to me were courses I took at the Law School and Ross School of Business.

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*Applied Policy Seminar is now known as Strategic Public Policy Consulting