Type: Public event

Special Ford School Community event at UMS presentation of "Fight Night"

Production and debrief with the show's director and cast members

Date & time

Sep 26, 2024, 7:30 pm EDT

Five candidates. One winner. You decide who survives.

First created in 2013, seemingly a lifetime ago in the political landscape, this critically acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival hit has been reimagined for the present day, with each performance taking a different turn depending on those in the audience. This resolutely political show contains no identifiable political message, ideology, or social or economic reality, but draws attention to the reasons and motivations that cause people to vote in a certain way and how the battle for our attention, sympathy, and approval reveal surprising and superficial snap judgments. If you are sick and tired of the constant bombardment of political antagonism in every facet of life, this immersive and sharp analysis of democracy will force you to step back and consider why we care so much; it is “funny, revealing, and very invigorating…You will encounter things that no US company would dare do.” (Chicago Tribune)