Academic Advisor Jordan Long receives ACUM Outstanding Advisor Award

April 18, 2023

Academic Advisor Jordan Long is an important asset to the Ford School, putting students’ best interests first and being there for students during tough times. The Advising Council of the University of Michigan (ACUM) acknowledged his compassionate approach by awarding Long one of two of the 2023 ACUM Outstanding Advisor Awards.

“It helps to know that the work we do as a support staff is appreciated,” Long said. “I really view this as a reflection of the whole Student & Academic Services (SAS) team, because all of our work is so intertwined and it wouldn't be possible to do my work without the support of my colleagues here in SAS and throughout Weill Hall. We strive to create an environment where the students can thrive, and hopefully, this award is a reflection of that work.” 

Over 200 staff and faculty advisors were nominated, and Long received over 20 nominations from different students. They pointed out his technical knowledge of the university and school’s resources, his support for students’ academic and personal well-being, his commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming campus, and his willingness to challenge students to articulate and achieve their goals.

“What makes Jordan a great advisor is that he first really listens to what an individual student is asking of him,” Susan Guindi, director of SAS, said. “He has a lot of information to impart about a lot of subjects, but Jordan tailors what he provides to an individual student's needs. That is not easy to do when you are as busy as he is, and meeting with so many students.”

The entire Ford School community, from other SAS staff, to students, to faculty, knows that Long is an important resource for the Ford School to have.

“Jordan is an outstanding resource for our students, is an amazing team player who helps all of his SAS colleagues, and represents the Ford School so well,” Guindi added. “Faculty have also expressed to me that he is an important team player in their efforts as well, whether to help navigate students' accommodations or to communicate with them about a student's absence due to health issues or to liaise with them about other student challenges.”

“Jordan is just the most exceptional advisor and person that I think I have worked with in a very long time,” one student said. “I have no idea how he replies so quickly to all of our questions but he does and each time you feel like you are the only and most important person. You can't teach that level of urgency or customer-focused attitude. Not to speak for everybody, but I have not met anyone that didn't feel the same.”

ACUM will officially present Long with the award at their Advising Symposium on May 5th.