Ford School joins Spelman College Research Day, lends support

April 25, 2023

In a return to her alma mater, Ford School interim dean Celeste Watkins-Hayes visited Spelman College to elevate the visibility of the Ford School at the nation’s top-ranked Historically Black College  and to strengthen the relationship between the two institutions. She was joined by Youth Policy Lab director Robin Jacob, Professor of Practice Susan Page, Center for Racial Justice associate director Dominique Adams-Santos, and Ford School admissions director Dustin Castro.

Spelman College Research Day provides approximately 300 undergraduates the opportunity to showcase their research through various mediums to more than 1,000 students, staff, and faculty. Students also network with sponsors and learn about different career paths or graduate schools. The Ford School joins Harvard School of Public Health, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Delta Air Lines, Capital One and others, as sponsors of the event.

In addition to the Ford School silver sponsorship, Watkins-Hayes, Jacob, Page, and Adams-Santos served as judges for Research Day 2023. They offered feedback to Spelman students, aiding their research, professional development, and presentation skills. Watkins-Hayes judged the Sociology category, Jacob judged the Economics category, Page judged the International Studies category, and Adams-Santos judged the Sociology category. 

Reflecting on her visit, Dean Watkins-Hayes said, “At Research Day, I had the incredible opportunity of seeing young scholars creatively apply their brilliance and training at Spelman to examine key policy issues connected to race, disability, education, and environmental justice. The passion and expertise of Spelman scholars were palpable, and I am eager and excited to strengthen the partnership between the Ford School and Spelman College.” 

Moving forward, the Ford School aims to build a stronger relationship with Spelman College and its students. To work towards this goal, Castro shared information about different opportunities at the Ford School and met with prospective students.

"It's always an honor and pleasure to work with brilliant and eager students who want to change the world for the better, and there are few better places to look for those students than at Spelman College,” Castro said. “The skills and training they learn inside and outside of the classroom uniquely position Spelman students for graduate education, and we hope to welcome them to the Ford School one day."